A Rocket Scientist Debunks Evolution Series

This series of talks can be given individually, as a full or partial series or as a one hour overview. The series includes the following talks:Jason speaking FCBC 3

Science Falsely So Called:

What does the Bible Say?

What do Atheists and Evolutionists Say?

What do the Textbooks Say?

What do some Pastors Say?

The series of “Science Falsely So Called” starts with what the Word of God says; which should be every believer’s starting point, and moves through a logical progression of the many claims that are contrary to the Word. From the obvious: atheists, evolutionists, and textbooks to the not so obvious: pastors! This series features 4 separate 50 minute talks or can be summarized in a single 1 hour presentation.


Evolution of Man for WVW.001

The Evolution of the Evolution of Man

In “The Evolution of the Evolution of Man” we take a look at the claims of “science” in the recent past to the present in order to see how the shifting sands of the traditions of men are  evolving in an attempt to stay relevant. The primary source of information for this talk comes entirely from secular scientific periodicals, museums, and internet resources demonstrating the shaky ground of this flawed hypothesis of man evolving from primates. You’ll be surprised at the “evidence” that is used to attempt to prove this concept. Don’t let evolution make a monkey out you!



“Europa Clipper” Image from NASA JPL website

Out of this World: The Origin of… Life?

Let’s blast off into outer space in order to search for the origin of life! Just as evolutionists have left the hopes of terrestrial biogenesis behind we’ll join them on their fruitless search for the origin of life on other planets. This latest craze to hit evolutionary hypotheses is known as “panspermia” which is the concept of life supposedly being seeded on earth as the result of microbes or bacteria riding to Earth on asteroids millions or billions of years ago. Science fiction rises to new heights as we explore the latest multi-billion dollar space exploration missions endeavoring to support this latest endeavor to deny God’s work of personally creating life on Earth. But what do the data really say?

The Rest of the Story: The Science behind the Science

As Paul Harvey famously said on his broadcast, “And now for the rest of the story…” In this series of talks covering a wide range of topics we’ll explore the science behind the science, or the rest of the story that they never told you in school. It is my prayer to provide a true education on these topics. You will learn that there is no scientifically compelling reason to accept evolutionary theory as what you were taught was just part of the science. If I tell you only part of the evidence and you believe it, you have not been taught, you have been indoctrinated. If I tell you all the evidence and you make a decision, then you have been taught; this is true education. Topics covered as individual lessons over several weeks or summarized in one session include:

  • Indoctrination – presenting only part of the story
  • Perhaps – The language of speculation that is used in text books in explaining evolution
  • True Science – the distinction between operational and historical science
  • Mutations – what are they and what do they accomplish and why are they important
  • Radio-active – dating methods (such as the hyped carbon-14 dating)
  • Big Bang – it’s a BIG dud
  • It’s Alive – life from rocks? The Miller-Urey experiment examined
  • Convoluted Column – The geologic column that only exists in textbooks
  • Index Fossils – Some dead things must stay dead for evolution yet they live! The index fossil fraud
  • Unlady-like – Lucy, the darling of evolution is no lady and the link-less chain
  • And more!

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