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The Bible and Science Series! Sunday Evenings in April from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at Red Rocks Baptist Church in Morrison, CO! Check out the church’s website:





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  • I am looking for more info to dispute the flat earth movement. As a rocket scientist tell me what can be good rebuttals as some sort of apologetics. Looking for your expertise. My grandson is following more and more this movement. Thanks

    • Donna,

      I’ve done a number of radio programs on this movement. You can listen to one in The Situation Room if you are a member or two episodes that I did with Youth Apologetics Training 1/9/17 and 1/12/17 HERE:

      I will post an article from my notes to this website so check back.

      There are many ways to refute the claims of the flatters both theological and scientific. Here are just a few: the existence of gravity, the coriolis effect that causes water to circle the drain goes in one direction in the northern hemisphere and another in the southern hemisphere, the great circle route all pilots use to flight plan their trips requires a spheroid planet, my friends who are astronauts and have seen the entire planet from space with their own eyes, I have seen the curvature of the earth from an F-14, spacecraft motion and all the physics associated with their orbit around the Earth require a spheroid planet to work.

      There are some who will reject all evidence just like the unbeliever who rejects the Gospel despite the incredible proofs of Scripture, history, and even current events that fulfill prophecy. Present the evidence and if they are a believer affirm that the truth of God’s Word affirms a round planet and not a flat one and science and observation agree with God.

      I pray this is helpful, thank you for posting!

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