“It’s NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt” podcast now available and updated weekly!

Exciting news for The Anvil Ministry, “It’s NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt” has now launched!

A weekly ministry outreach to equip and edify. You can listen to the latest episode by clicking HERE

To listen to past episodes join the Worldview Weekend Situation Room with over $126,000 in resources!

3 Responses to ““It’s NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt” podcast now available and updated weekly!

  • hello, enjoyed your program this morning! I am so happy you encourage the father/husband to read the scriptures to their families. If the father refuses I highly encourage the mothers to step in..but be ready to give the reins to father when he repents. what joy and learning this activity has brought to our household! Thank you again

    Concerning the comments about Ishmael as ancestor of Arabs and muslims. I also was told that, in the church and from Muslims, for years. I think it was usama dakdok that made me realize Ishamel lived thousands of years before the founding of Islam. He comments; most of the arab/muslim peoples descend from the nations around Abraham (Babylonians etc) Whereas most Ishamelites are currently Christian, Jews, or other (including Muslim). Ask Usama he has interesting truth 🙂

  • We enjoy your program very much ! Worldview weekend has not posted any programs from you in the past two or three weeks . Is there any chance that we will hear from you again; your words are very encouraging and glorifying to our Creator. Hope all is well?

    • Sorry for the delay in programming. We moved half-way across the country to start a new chapter of rocket science! We are back up and running in order produce more Missions of It’s NOT Rocket Science. Thanks for commenting!

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