Host a rocket scientist to share talks from eternity and beyond!

Ideal for special church events, conferences, home school co-ops and events,

youth groups, or Vacation Bible School

Compare the claims of science with the veracity of Scripture in order to:

  • See what is really taught by what is said and what is left unsaid in the evolutionary text books and museums
  • Encourage your congregation or group and to be better prepared to stand against the onslaught of atheistic evolution or the compromises of theistic evolution! 
  • Learn an apologetic approach and how to witness the Gospel to atheists and other technically minded unbelievers from a former atheist and rocket scientist – it really isn’t rocket science…

Jason speaking FCBC 1

Featured talks include (click below for description and outline):

Confessions of a Rocket Scientist (testimony of a backslidden atheist)

A Rocket Scientist Debunks Evolution Series:

Science Falsely So Called

The Evolution of the Evolution of Man

Out of this World: The Origin of… Life?

When I Consider Thy Heavens – Rocket Science for Kids

True or False? What is Biblical Discernment?

Atheists Among Us – The Scourge of Practical Atheism in the Church


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