True of False?

What is Biblical Discernment?


In these dangerous times when myths are taught as truth it becomes increasingly vital to know the truth and as Spurgeon said, “Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right.” The Anvil of God’s Word has much to say on this topic so we’ll look directly at the original languages, Hebrew and Greek, to see how this concept is explained by the Holy Spirit. After diligently studying the Scriptures we will look at some of the most popular “Christian” authors and speakers to see if they can withstand the test to determine if they are from God or false prophets.

Spurgeon 1

“The Word of God is the anvil upon which the opinions of men are smashed.” – C.H. Spurgeon

One Response to “True of False?

  • In my 41 years as a Christian, I have come to realize that the lack of Spiritual Discernment among Christians in America is at an epidemic level. The underlying root problem that is the cause for a lack of Spiritual Discernment, is that there is a lack of real Spiritual hunger for God’s truth from His Written Word!

    The lack of Spiritual hunger for truth from God’s Written Word produces the lack of Spiritual Discernment.

    It is just that simple!

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